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Media & Testimonials


On Channel 4 Television in front of millions of people Syed recommended a stock of a company called Arm Holdings the share price rose from £4 to £56 a share in 9 months which means £10,000 invested would have made you an incredible £140,000 or a £100,000 investment would have grown to an incredible £1.4 million. This company has now grown to become a Top FTSE 100 company and is now the 43rd largest company in the UK and is worth an amazing £8 billion.


Syed has appeared on National and International television including The BBC, Sky platform, Channel 4 Television and Radio, UK and Internationally.


Syed has appeared in Numerous Magazines and Newspapers both UK and Internationally e.g. Gulf News in Dubai, Potential Magazine and Success Magazine among others.


Apart from his financial background Syed has 2 Diplomas in Coaching. He has Diploma in Performance Coaching for Business and a second Diploma in Performance Coaching for Education and is now currently doing a further course in Coaching at the world famous Cambridge University which is now the top University in the World.


Syed has authored 4 Books including books on the Psychology of Success, Marketing and business and the Internet.


Syed was chosen to appear in the Observer Newspapers Top 40 Asian Acheivers List. A list of The Top 40 Acheivers in the UK which means he understands how to become more successful and he can share those secrets of success with you.


He has over 20 Years experience in business and Investing almost a quarter of a century of experience.



He is a Natural Motivational Speaker and Coach so he can motivate and support you support you to achieve your goals faster as shown by his testimonials.



He has been involved in Multi million pound deals including trying to refinance Barclays £2.7 billion pound deal.

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