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"Syed, Many thanks for your presentation you gave at Barclays recent 'Property Finance for Asian Entrepreneurs' event.  The talk was highly appreciated by all concerned, your personal story was inspiring to all of us, and your advice on future success was very highly regarded.  We look forward to working with you again immensely."

Anoop Rattan - Barclays Bank





"Having attended a seminar at Barclays Bank and listening to Syed Rahman, I found the presentation to be informative, enlightening and very educational. It was presented in an inspirational manner and clearly motivated me to reconsider my objectives for the future. I would recommend all levels of people to attend Syed's seminar before they embark on a new venture as they will find it truly a true confidence booster."

Asha Heer - Chequers Solicitors







“I would like thank you Annie and Jackson of Croydon Store to invite me their training by Syed Rahman, about the profit plan and network structure. Syed is a very experienced speaker, the presentation is nice, clean and attractive. He even shares his secret tips to us how to do recruiting. Excellent work of Syed hoping to see Syed again at the next meeting”.

Dilys Chan – eCoswway Acocks Green Store Operator






"Syed was the last to speak at our property event, which is always the hardest as people start to loose concentration. But within the first sentence of his speech he got everyone's attention! The combination of his background in business and his achievements so far, along with his positivist, eagerness and passion, you couldn't help but be motivated to try and be the same for yourself. His points were realistic and interesting for those who were beginners in business to the very experienced, Syed is definitely worth taking advice from!."

Tanya Wakeham - Interior Furnisher  - London





“I came all the way from Dudley, West midlands to get feedback and training from Syed. It has been very useful will take away the information and train my IBO and VIPs Thank you for your time and effort Syed”.

Aysha Begum – eCosway Merryhill Store Operator




"Syed had helped me really think about working my way up in my career life. He can answer many questions and he is very patient and can explain well."  Meena Patel - Network Marketing Consultant




“I have known Syed for many years, and it was only last Monday that I actually heard him speak at his Passion for Success event.  Syed spoke about the 10 factors that you need to be successful.  These were illustrated with points of what you could do and whom you could emulate.  I would highly recommend his Passion for Success seminar.  The 10 steps are what we all need to know and implement.”

Ayshe Kadir, International Business Owner,



"Just a quick message to say thank you for taking out the time to meet us the other evening. We both found it very useful and know that we have to work very hard to get the company where we want it to be. We are honoured to have your expertise on board"

Tahseen (Founder) Moodswingcouture



"Syed is an excellent entrepreneur, investor and coach. he can breakdown financial concepts and apply them to your own personal financial affairs. He builds on the foundations and teaches you to set goals and breakthrough from your own self-imposed limitations.


"Although be under no illusion He cannot do the work for you, however if you are in debt and want to erase it from your life  or you want to be a self made millionaire. the principles that he teaches you are time less and then its your decision whether you want to take the action to fulfill you dreams and control your own destiny. I have no hesitation in recommending his seminars great value for money from a true wealth guru"

Raj Malhotra  - Management Trainer/Entrepreneur



"I attended your seminar on Tuesday evening and would like to thank you for a very informative event. I found the speakers to be very knowledgeable about their topic and came away with valuable information. I particularly enjoyed the training from Syed Rahman, his understanding of how a successful person thinks and acts was so valuable to me , I regard myself as a successful business woman and would like to thank him for sharing his knowledge with myself and the others".

Barbara Carter21st Century Suffragettes



"I recently heard Syed speak at a property event in London. He spoke in a way that was both comprehensive and passionate. After hearing Syed make clear and challenging points during his presentation, I knew that it was in my best interest take him up on the offer of a financial consultation.


Although I had spend much of the last few months researching various profit making strategies, Syed’s advice was quite refreshing in the way that it came from an angle different to the ones that I had been hearing recently. With the direction the Syed gave me, I have possibly saved months of wasted time and effort focusing on the wrong issues!


Since meeting personally with Syed, my wife and I have made massive progress in the pursuit of the lifestyle that we desire!"

Nigel Austin - Property Investor



"Syed's motivational speaking and business coaching is delivered with an edge of warmth and quickly reassures his audience, setting them at ease. Unlocking a steady stream of golden nuggets along the way, Syed generates the belief in each and everyone that anything is possible.


He also covers the importance of goal setting, dreaming big and living life to the full with a sense of extreme passion and urgency. Syed keeps his audience captivated from start to finish, and in somehow what seems like five minutes actually turns out to have been half an

hour and your life has forever been enriched for the better."

William Craig & Emma Zif - Quixotic Development



"Dear Syed May I thank you so much for your invitation to your last seminar, both myself and my guest thoroughly enjoyed the event. I go to quite a lot of this type of event and yours was without doubt the best value and most informative that I have attended.


The three very diverse subjects covered were VERY informative, educational and thought provoking. We also met some extremely interesting people at your event.


Thank you once again and I look forward to attending your next event and inviting more guests next time."  warmest regards - Annie Diamond



"Syed’s course “Show me the Money” is phenomenal. This course picks up where most of the others have left off.  For example as a real hands on entrepreneur, books like Rich Dad Poor Dad have always inspired me but never given me enough practical  knowledge to really take my business to another level.  The same goes for the personal development courses like the Robbins events, they are amazing for making major shifts in your life, you come out motivated, but still unsure what to do next.  With Syed’s course you not only know what to do next, you know what to do after that and take the process through to a level of completion."


I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to attain a greater level of success and mastery in their personal finances and business.  It is useful for entrepreneurs, business people, Property investors, Stock Investors, Networkers and even someone who wants to start a venture in these areas.  I feel this is the best and only course in the UK area worth taking on this subject."

Andrew Zirkin - Entrepreneur/ Networker



"As a successful entrepreneur and financial educator, Syed Rahman knows what he’s talking about when it comes to financial intelligence. Syed took me through some detailed questioning on where I wanted to be financially in my life.  He asked incisive questions that required me to think outside of my normal situation to thinking on a much bigger scale in order to set specific goals for my future. This for me was a powerful process that got me thinking past what I thought I was capable of at the time to what was actually, realistically possible.  By breaking down my big financial goal I was able to see a clear route to the financial freedom I was seeking."


"Syed has a natural talent for helping people create what they want in their life by eliminating the so called ‘difficulties’ and ‘impossibilities’ that most people assume when they embark on bettering their financial situation.  He has given me hope, courage and a way forward for achieving my goals in a structured and realistic way."


"I would highly recommend Syed to anyone who wants to set clear, well thought out financial goals for their future."

G. Pankhania - Business and Life Coach - Middlesex

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