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Syed comes from a business, accounting, investment and property background. His expertise lies in the macro economic factors affecting both personal and business success in the areas of property, stock market and business growth and the, underlying factors of success, motivation and productivity, which underpins the psychology of achievement.


Over the last 10 years, Syed has appeared extensively in the Media, including Television, Radio, Newspaper and Magazines both in UK and internationally, including Gulf News in Dubai.


On Channel 4 television, the stock he recommended live in front of millions of people went on to become the top FTSE 100 company of the year. The price of that stock rose from £4 to £56 a share a growth of 1400% within a year. Therefore, an investment of £10,000 would have grown to £140,000 or £100,000 invested would have grown to an amazing £1.4 million. Even in these difficult times it is still the 101st largest company in the UK by market capitalisation.


He was also listed number 29 in the Observer newspapers Asian A list, a list of top 40 Asian achievers in the UK which included many successful people, including Vijay Patel (listed in the Sunday Times Rich List at £520m) and Luqman Arnold the previous CEO of Abbey National.

"With the direction the Syed gave me, I have possibly saved months of wasted time and effort focusing on the wrong issues! "

Nigel Austin - Property Investor

Syed was recently invited by BBC to review and comment on a film about irresponsible bank lending and the Credit Crunch and how this affects ordinary people.


Syed’s excellent ability to communicate and network at all levels, including high end individuals, led him to meet and speak to many famous, talented and successful individuals from well known business personalities to world famous entertainers including, Vijay Patel (UK’s 3rd Richest Asian), Billionaires the Jatania brothers and Lord Swarj Paul, John Varley (CEO of Barclays Group), Duncan Bannatyne of Dragon’s Den fame and Adnan Sami the international concert pianist and well known bollywood artist who he interviewed for last year’s sold out concert at Wembley Arena.


What he found most striking are the similarities between all the successful people he has met. Their passion, commitment, dedication and hard work which over a period of time has given them a phenomenal level of success and achievement. Syed is extremely passionate about sharing these insights of success through his consultancy, talks and seminars with people who want to learn how to make money and learn how to create wealth and achieve their dream lifestyle.


Through his talks, seminars and consultancy, Syed has worked with a wide range of clients from international companies such as Barclays Bank, Deloitte, St James Place Partnership, New Star and the DTI to high net worth individuals.


Syed’s passion for helping others extends far beyond his work with high end individuals. He is the founder of Passion4Success which offers ideas, solutions, advice, coaching, seminars for those wanting to make money in property, stock market investments, or looking to start a new business.  

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